Fully Automated Waste Management Systems

With vast modernization and urban expansion, waste and environmental surroundings are more complex today than ever before. Dumpsters, trash cans, recycle bins, infectious and pungent wastes no longer become part of our everyday life, accumulated waste is a thing of the past.
With these considerations, Memios Environmental Technologies, the R & D arm of Memios, LLC, Greensboro, NC, was established to be a full service solution provider to meet and embrace waste management challenges of the 21st Century.

Whether a municipal, residential, commercial or industrial, Memios will respond to your waste management problems with the most advanced technologies and innovations in existence. The expertise of our multi-disciplined engineers and technical staff will formulate and provide result oriented solutions to tackle a multitude of problems affiliated with those waste contaminants, sludge, soil and water pollutions, chemical and oil spills. Most of our systems can be equipped for energy productions such as syngas, heat, hot water, steam and electricity.
It is our goal and our commitment to turn your Waste management challenges into sustainable and sound financial investments.

Air Flow Efficiency

The technology uses one of the most abundant resources on the planet to do all the work. Air. Special high pressure airflow technology is built into our systems to quickly, safely and cleanly remove waste with a 10 X improvement over conventional methods.

Sanitation Innovation

Proprietary Memios ECO clean technology automatically eliminates bacteria and odors without requiring labor or chemicals. You enjoy a sanitary, odorless system that is free of potential hazards to users and the environment.

Control Technology

High efficiency requires highly efficient control systems, another area of Memios leadership. We offer you a full range of options for on-site or remote monitoring and control

Recycling Made Easy

The most advanced waste recycling solution for airports, retail, commercial and residential. The CleanStream solution can collect and transports up to six separate waste streams, changing waste haul off costs to recycling revenues.