Memios CleanStream solutions solve all of today’s municipal solid waste management challenges:

Waste Segregation

  • Specially designed indoor and outdoor load stations make it easy for users to deposit trash and recyclables
  • Multiple separate types of waste can be transported through a single piping network
  • Waste remains properly segregated throughout the entire process

Health, Hygiene and Safety

  • Waste is swiftly and safely moved away from people and buildings in totally sealed pipe networks
  • No waste storage or wait times with the collection process
  • Reduces human and environmental exposure to trash and garbage
  • Clean, sealed system system does not attract insects, rodents and other pests
  • No garbage trucks rumbling through neighborhoods – no associated risk of injury and property damage

Environmental Sustainability

  • Qualifies for LEED Indoor Environmental Quality credits
  • Significantly cuts fossil fuel consumption
  • Reduces carbon footprint and particulate atmospheric contaminants
  • Compacts waste to 1/6th its original volume, reducing haul off frequencies

Operational Efficiency

  • One centrally managed system can serve from 100 to 10,000 people
  • Responds in real time to actual load demands
  • Can move up to 200 tons of waste every 24 hours
  • Memios state of the art LiveTrac technology simplifies and streamlines all monitoring and maintenance tasks

Cost Control

  • Lower capital investment
  • One Memios system costs less than a fleet of garbage trucks, dumpsters for every commercial location and set-out containers for every residence
  • Lower acquisition cost for trucks used to carry waste from processing station to landfill
  • Cuts operational expenses from $85 per ton to $4 per ton, on average
  • Exceptionally low maintenance costs
  • Reduces liability costs associated with garbage trucks
  • No need to hire and oversee teams of waste collectors
  • Delivers a three to five year return on investment for the average installation

Revenue Enhancement

  • Cleaner, quieter, safer, more sustainable properties gain immediate competitive advantage, maintain higher property values
  • With no need to allocate valuable space to dumpsters, commercial properties enjoy more revenue-generating square footage
  • New revenue stream generated by leveraging recyclables and carbon emission reductions through cap and trade credits