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Recycling is Easy - No matter Where you are.

January 20, 2010

In a recent story on titled "Ethiopia firm recycling tyres into shoes does big business via internet" we learned that recycling really is possible anywhere,  it can be done with much more than you think it can be, and it can even be creative and lucrative.  An entrepreneur in Ethiopia named Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu has taken the initiative to recycle old truck tires and turn them into fashionable footwear to be sold all over the world.   Since starting her  own home business named soleRebels, Bethlehem's widespread success can be almost entirely attributed to willpower, know how, and you guessed it- recycling.

What we love about this story is the fact that those are exactly the same traits that make a successful EWS affiliate.  The willpower to succeed, the recycling know how taught by Environmental Waste Solutions, and the opportunity inherent in recycling.  By embracing all of those qualities for the last 15 years, EWS affiliates across the country have been able to find success for themselves by taking full advantage of recycling.

This story of one businesswoman in Ethiopia simply proves that recycling can be a key not only to greener business and greener lives, but greater success for businesses of all kinds, no matter where they are. You don't have to be doing anything like making shoes from recycled rubber tires or designer dresses from recycled shopping bags.  It can be as easy as taking a closer look at business waste so see the truth- that recycling can help you take advantage.


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Recycling is all around you.
January 19th, 2010
The computer you're reading this blog on, the television playing in the background, the piece of paper that's sitting somewhere nearby, and most likely the chair that you're sitting on are all most likely recycled. More of the everyday products we use are the products of recycling than you think, but the recycling doesn't have to stop with that realization.

Think of all the things that you use every day at home and at work.  No matter what kind of job you have- it's unlikely that you don't come into contact with something that can be or already has been recycled every day.  Now take that thought a little further.  Papers get thrown away in offices, cartons get thrown away in restaurants, metal gets cast aside in manufacturing plants, and the list goes on and on.  Business recycling permeates every business in every industry, and more and more businesses across the country are going green and saving money at the same time by embracing better recycling.

Recyle, save, and earn!
But that's not it.  Not only are businesses going green, but independent businessmen and woman across the country have had the opportunity to help businesses save where they didn't know they could.  So that office park in Florida that didn't know what they could recycle? Yep, They're saving more money than ever.  And the industrial manufacturer in Louisiana? You guessed it, they're getting money back from the metal they couldn't use for their products.  So you can see, businesses everywhere can benefit as well as those who want their own independent business helping others recycle.  After all, recycling is all around you- why not cash in?

In the meantime, we challenge you to comment with some of the interesting ways you've been able to recycle in your business or your home.